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23rd November Removed stock no longer available.

Added - 12" Tortured Souls, The Osbournes, Star Trek Nemesis, Muppets Series 2 box set,

5th - 12th Feb Great changes in the pipeline, first off the new statue & bust pages. Preparation for on-line ordering.
11/18th Added to Action figures - Eddy Iron Maiden, Resident Evil 2, Simpsons Series 6 & 7, Tekken Tag, Monty Python 12", American McGee Alice Series 2, Armored Core Another Age, Farscape series 2.

Changed around the New products page.

5th January Added to Action figures - Spawn 12 repaints, Spawn 21 preview, Virtual On Cyber troopers, Living Dead Dolls & Reservoir Dogs 12" series 1 & preview of 2.
Jan 2002 Happy New Year! - minor changes. 
December Added Metal Gear Solid 2, New BB Guns, New Rock Stars Action figures. 
6th November Added Jaws delux box set, Mettalica box set,Dark Alliance series 1 and 2. 
2nd November Added Universal monsters series 5, Samurai X, Rock 'N The Box, Eminem, New images to various products.
28th September Various updates to action figures & BB Guns.
1st September Added Metal Gear Solid Series 2, 3D Animation Series 2 and Simpsons images. all to action figures
29th August Added Resident Evil series 1, Jerry Garcia, and 3 new JoJo Bizzare Adventures Sets to action figures
27th August Added Final Fantasy Movie 12" action figures, Reservoir Dogs, Tortured Souls, Simpsons Wave 5, 
19th July Added Final Fantasy IX, Oh My Goddess & Tomb raider movie action figures!
18th July Added Rising Stars action figures!
14th July Added American McGee's Alice, Soul Caliber, Darkness action figures!
9th July Added JoJo's Bizzare adventure, Final Fantasy Guardian Force Series 3, 12" Buffy, Dragonball Z series 7, Shrek, Buffy Exclusives, Spawn series 18 & 19, Silent Screamers 2, Movie Maniacs 4, Final Fantasy Movie action figures!
7th July  Updated site in preparation for live ordering. Many new kits and action figures added.
28th March Added new Anime Kits
24th March Finally changed the year to 2001 (Brain Dead), added Re-stocks of Spawn series 14 & 15, Metal Gear Solid & Beatles.
18th March Various new items added, price increased from Games workshop !!!
11th Feb Added Buffy Series II
7th Feb Added Matrix 2 & Usagi Yojimbo action figures, 
3rd Feb Dragonball Z, The Simpsons, Armored Core 2, House of the Dead, Mad Max, Farscape Action Figures added.
2nd Feb Major changes, getting ready for online ordering. CCG's & Trading Cards merged into one category, Comics & Graphic Novels also merged. Various new kits and action figures added & deleted.
2nd Feb Major changes, getting ready for online ordering. CCG's & Trading Cards merged into one category, Comics & Graphic Novels also merged. Various new kits and action figures added & deleted.
21st Jan Added Universal monster series 4, deleted various kits and figures no longer available.
5th Jan Added Spawn series 17, Baseball, Heavy Metal, Beatles 2, Fighting Force, Front Mission 3, 3D anime, Vampirella & X-men Action Figures. Work continues with new site & on-line ordering, Over 11,000 items to check and catalogue!!!!!!!
26th Dec Added Warlands figures and Godzilla, Planet of the Apes, Dinosaur & Speed Racer Model Kits.
20th Dec Finally managed to begin updating this page Again! Prices changes, Added new links & various new figures, Removed many deleted ranges.
23rd Oct Added Rocky Horror, Silent Screamers, Movie Maniacs Series 3 and 18" figures, Deleted BB gun Shooter sets. Created Model and Figures Archives.
18th Oct Returned from hospital Hooray. Started update of all prices and began work on on-line ordering (ETA 2-3 weeks).
14th July Two new Fist of the North Star figures & Devilman figure added.
10th July Fist of the north Star figures, Cannon barrel Desert Eagle & Silver P99 added.
2nd July Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie & Janis Joplin Figures Added.
26th June New Spring guns added & broken into types.
19th June New Gas guns & Blow Backs. Thompson AEG added
9th June New Spring powered BB guns added.
3rd June Electric BB Guns updated and details of guns added.
24th May New B Movie Kits Added, " new Gas blowback BB guns Added.
23rd May Beatles Model Kits Added, Large Action Figures Added, A new range of Hellraiser Kits Added
20th May Sci-Fi & Comic week page added.
18th May Ghost in the Shell, Fist of the North Star, Battle Angel Alita, Dangaio, Gundam kits, Urusei Yatsura, Silent Mobeous, Ranma & Macross added to Anime Pages.
17th May New Horror & Fantasy Resin Kits Added, Anime Kits Expanded (ongoing)
16th May Robo Cop, Pinhead, Jason, Freddy, Marvel Super Heroes, Batman kits, Bruce Lee & Bladerunner model kits added.
Some Images improved. (ongoing)
10th May Site updated JJ Asult models added. Anime kits expanded (ongoing)
Free shipping for certain kits available!!
5th May Warhammer 40K added, Anime Model Section Expanded, Final Fantasy 8 Guardian Force Action Figures Added, Whole site reloaded due to server error!!!!!(12 hours).
19th April We've moved our site to the NT server in preparation for the new ordering forms.
Slap Shot figures added.
4th April Warhammer Undead, Wood Elves & Skaven added, Changes page listing Reversed
31st March BB Gun accessories page finally finished!
27th March Austin Powers 2, Dawn of the Dead & Spawn 16 figures added. New shop details.
4th March Universal Monsters & Bruce Lee figures added.
3rd March Big Changes, site upgraded to use new search engine, order page, new browser controls added.
27th Feb 2000 Links page added, Price & avaiablility update. Pherry Rhodan Kits added.
11th Feb 2000 Kiss, Ghost in the Shell, Lady Pendragon, Dark Chylde, Frank Frazetta, New DC, Figures added, Austin Powers.
6th Feb 2000 Whole site checked and currency converter links added.
Search engine added to front page.
28th Jan 2000 New Arrivals updated. Crimson Action Figures added. Star Wars Kits updated, plus new pics.
22nd Jan 2000 Buffy Action Figures updated. Broken links fixed.

9th Jan 2000

What's new page added to website, Currency converter added.

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